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Tantalize your taste buds with delicious super-premium ice cream.

Kwality Foods was co-founded by Dr. Kanti Parekh and his son Anand Parekh. Dr. Kanti Parekh is a Ph.D. food scientist, a food technologist, QA specialist, and a flavorist. With his combined expertise of over 40 years, the co-founders have ensured that a high-quality, safe product is manufactured with reproducible consistency. The idea behind the all-natural ice cream is simple. Kwality Ice Cream is the quintessence of what a super-premium ethnic ice cream should be. It is conceived by people who know and understand the necessity of a high-caliber gourmet product. Just one taste will win you over.

Kwality Ice Cream has a reputation for

Why we are different

Kwality Foods in the United States is generating a sense of childlike joy: long lines, enthusiastic Google & Yelp reviews, and requests for more stores to open daily.

We have earned a reputation for creating the finest ALL NATURAL ICE CREAM in the world. Kwality Ice Cream's range of super premium ice cream products is crafted to exceed the expectations of consumers and chefs seeking a gourmet ice cream experience.

Our ice cream is made fresh daily to maintain its consistency and ensure freshness for our valued customers. We are dedicated to delivering a unique flavor experience.

Kwality Ice Cream is available in a variety of delicious flavors and is packaged in convenient sizes, including cups, pints, half gallons, and 2.5 gallon tubs. You can also find it in parlors as individual scoops. Visit us at one of our Locations. At Kwality Ice Cream, we highly value good customer service. We are open to feedback and committed to considering suggestions and comments.

How Kwality Ice Cream is Made!!