At KwalityTM Ice Cream we strives for commitment to excellence. We are determined to deliver a wholesome, safe and superior "quality" product with the purest ingredients. The name says it all.

KwalityTM Foods is co-founded by Dr. Kanti Parekh Ph.D. Food Scientist, a Food Technologist, QA specialist and a Flavorist. With his combined expertise of 40 plus years, the co-founders has ensured that a high quality, safe product is manufactured with reproducible consistency. The idea behind the all natural ice cream is simple. KwalityTM Ice Cream is the quintessence of what a super premium ethnic ice cream should be. It is conceived by people that know and understand the necessity of a high caliber gourmet product. Just one taste will win you over.

KwalityTM Ice Cream is available in a variety of delicious flavors and packaged in convenient sizes of cups, pints, half gallon and 2.5 gallon tubs. It is also available in parlors in Edison, Franklin Park, Iselin, Long Island, Hicksville and restaurants as individual scoops.

We, at KwalityTM Ice Cream highly value good customer service. We are open for feedback and are committed to suggestions and comments
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